Aluminum profile according to customer's drawings

The company "BAIKAL PROFILE SYSTEMS" offers the development and production of aluminum profiles according to the customer's drawings of any shapes and configurations.

The maximum diameter of the described circumference of the profile is 315 mm, the alloys used are АД0, АД1, АД31, АД35 (AW6082), AW6060, AW6063 in the required delivery condition (necessary heat treatment modes). The maximum mass of the running meter of the profile is 21 kg., The standard length of the whip is 6 m.


1. Preparation of technical specifications and optimization.

This stage includes the development of drawings with simultaneous optimization of the basic profile parameters.

When drafting the technical task, our designers will prepare all the technical documentation and make the necessary calculations, optimizing the profile configuration according to the price and quality parameters.

2. Calculation of the cost of the matrix tool and profile.

After the approval of the drawing and the price negotiation, the customer pays for the matrix instrument (Filler). The cost of the die depends on the configuration and starts at $ 1000. The average period of its manufacture is from 30 to 40 days.

 At a one-time order from 10 tons of profile of one configuration, the matrix tool is made free of charge.

3. Production of prototypes.

Within 5-10 days after the manufacture of the matrix, the customer receives a prototype, to verify compliance with all requirements. The cost of production of prototypes is included in the cost of manufacturing and setting up the matrix instrument.

4. Manufacturing of the main batch of aluminum profile.

After the customer approves prototypes, we begin to manufacture the main batch of the profile. This process is called extrusion and takes about 10 days. In work orders from 500 kg are accepted.

In the process of production, the profile of BAIKAL PROFILE SYSTEMS Ltd. undergoes thermal treatment, which increases its strength characteristics (hardening, artificial aging).

5. The last stage is the electrochemical anodization of the profile or its color.

At the request of the customer, we conduct anodizing or coloring of the batch of the finished profile within 14 days.