Specialized profile

Specialized profile

Profile for shower cabins

Shower cabins are installed not only in private houses and apartments, but also in various leisure and public institutions, as well as in manufacturing plants. LLC "BAIKAL PROFILE SYSTEMS" offers a wide range of aluminum profiles for the production of shower cabins and all-glass designs.

Why aluminum?

Many know about the merits of this material, but there will also be those for whom this information will be useful. Aluminum profile is used for the production of shower cabins more often than other products of a similar purpose and for that there are good reasons. Since the doors and walls are made of tempered glass, they require a reliable, but delicate connection. Since aluminum is highly durable and extremely lightweight, it is perfectly suited for this role, and the finished structure acquires a number of advantages:

  1. Aluminum structures are obtained resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and this is not a small important argument when operating under conditions of high humidity and temperature changes.

  2. The flexibility of aluminum profiles allows you to create a shower cabin of any configuration.

  3. With the correct assembly of the structure, the flexibility of aluminum together with the sealant will ensure complete tightness of the finished product. That is, water will not be able to leave the boundaries of the shower and will not hit the walls and floor.

  4. The low weight of the profiles allows quick mounting / dismantling of structures.

  5. Aesthetic profile for shower cabins made of aluminum makes it appropriate in any interior, and the integrity of the presentation is provided by all the same resistance to corrosion.